Abandoned Spaces

A friend's fascination with an old school first ignited my interest in abandoned spaces. Our initial expedition yielded no easy entry point, and disappointed, we tried one final door before leaving. To our shock, it opened right up! Too intimidated to do more than stand in the doorway and take a few photos that day- but intrigued by the delightful mess within- we immediately made plans to go back. A few days later, armed with sturdy shoes and flashlights, we spent hours searching through rooms long forgotten.
I was smitten.
I love the thrill of exploring places that people haven’t been in years, of finding beauty in brokenness and decay. I’ll often end up a little ahead or behind my exploring companions; I love it when I’m completely alone with just the sound of my breath and the click of the shutter breaking the stillness around me.
We never ‘break and enter’, only going to places with open access, and when we can, we ask permission first. We step lightly, leaving things as we find them- disturbing as little as possible- and documenting these places before they are lost or destroyed. I never manipulate spaces or objects; everything is photographed as it was found.
It’s always an adventure. And I do love a good adventure.