I am a freelance documentary photographer and writer focused on telling stories about humanitarian and social issues. My path to visual storytelling began when I fell in love with the photographic medium as a design student…and writing? Well, writing found me.

Ethical and honest storytelling – while treating people with compassion and dignity – is a tenet of my work. I aim to produce engaging content that compels meaningful action. Many people call this media for social change.

I am motivated by injustice, and inspired by love, laughter, and the common threads that bind us. I notice nuances; moments, emotions, shared connections, finding hope and beauty in the everyday. These are the things that shape my storytelling.

I am based out of Pittsburgh, PA and available for editorial assignments, projects for non-profit organizations and NGOs, and the occasional wedding.

I love strong coffee, red wine, yoga, large bodies of water, road trips, soulful music, and art that takes my breath away. And I’d love to help you tell your story.